Cycloidal Propellers

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Voith Schneider Propeller. Courtesey Voith Turbo

These propellers turn about a vertical axis. They consist of several narrow vertical blades (vanes) suspended below the hull from a flat circular rotating plate that receives it power from some prime mover such as a diesel engine.

Each blade rotates on its own vertical axis as the family of blades revolves about the center of the turning plate. This rotation is controlled by internal eccentric gears in such a way that the overall system produces thrust in any desired thrust in any desired horizontal direction, or no thrust at all when desired.

Ships fitted with these kind of propellers do not need a rudder and such ships have very good maneuverability.

These propellers were first commercially developed by the Voith Schneider Company (of Germany) and therefore referred to as Voith Schneider wheels. The other design of such propeller is called Kirsten-Boeing propeller.


Voith operation. Courtsey PiQuod


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